Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Friday, April 4, 2014

Removed from the troubles of every dayife.

Aware that her passing is eminent
the family gathers,
Removed from the troubles of everyday life.
Cherishing each moment.
Brothers hover over their culinary delights.
Cousins buzz around the spaces.
She gazes upon the faces 
of her two daughters.
Each in their way, her own reflections
Mother hurries to her,
Needing to be sure of her comfort.
There is agony,
 in my grandmother's heart.
Each day, each moment,
is precious from the start.
I find myself gazing at my aunt,
Memorizing her face,
Each line, the color of her eyes,
Shape of her smile and her brow
She is with us now.
So now, we share meals, pose for photos, and embrace often, 
Never missing a chance 
to express our affections.
Grasping at any chance 
to steal away moments with her.
To hold her hand, see her smile, 
and hear her voice.
Later that evening,
A room is filled with laughter 
over a lively game of charades.
Feeling drained, she retreats.
She wants to stay, 
but she hasn't a choice.

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