Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to stop being broken

Step outside into the sun
Kneel down onto the Earth
Wrap your hands around dried up shriveled old dead plants
Pull, rip and tear
Clear the away the old
Make way for the new
Put your hands in the dirt
Feel the cool moisture
And the soft texture
Use your hands 
and dig a shallow hole
Scoop the dirt out 
And push it aside
Notice the dirt under your fingernails
Take wildflower seeds
Pour them into your palm
Run your fingers through 
Feel the grainy texture
Sprinkle the seeds 
Into the hole you dug
Let yourself go
The pain swell
Let your tears flow
Let them drop 
One by one
Fall onto the seeds
You will be whole again
Fill the hole with dirt again
Give the Earth a gentle pat
As if it is your baby 
That you are tucking in at night
You are that baby
You are blessed
You are a wildflower 
You will dance in the sun

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