Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Batty Dream

 Earlier this week I had a very strange and inspiring dream.
Walking on the street where I grew up, I see that there is a tree in the front yard were there never was when I was growing up. From a distance, it looks like there are light orange glowing lanterns hanging from the tree. As I walk, I approach another tree and see that it's branches were also covered with several of these lanterns.
Then as I got closer I could see that they were not lanterns, but extremely large butterflies. With each step closer, I could see more detail. Eventually I stood under the tree and I could get a closer look at these creatures. There were several of these beautiful light orange creatures hanging from the tree. As I looked closer I could see that they had tiny bat bodies and wings of a Monarch butterfly, all hanging upside down from the branches. A few of these Batterflies took flight. It was an amazing sight. They were so graceful and beautiful. Their wingspan was impressive and so delicate. It was so magical. I was not afraid of them . I was in awe of these beautiful animals. How magical they seemed.

When I awoke and had time to reflect upon this dream, I felt it had strong spiritual significance. I did searches on dream interpretation and was left unsatisfied. I still want to find meaning for this dream that was so vivid and I think full of meaningful symbols.

After my dream, my mind was flooded with ideas for future art projects. Lanterns made of clay and maybe some of paper. Paintings and sculptures of trees with lanterns hanging. Paintings and prints of the butterfly-bats hanging and in flight. A clay bat with glass Monarch wings would be nice.
So many ideas so little time.
Today during February vacation week classes as The Worcester Art Museum, I taught a class with young people titled, "Things That Fly" and I created my first Batterfly. I made the bat body with rolled up dark grey fabric and string. I made the wings with two bent wire hangers covered with light orange crepe paper and then painted with black lines. It was a blast!

Maybe I should offer a class on creating art from dream imagery.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Artist's statement

  I am an artist with a variety of interests; painting, knitting, quilting, bead-work, and jewelry, fusing glass, and making sculptures. I am most passionate about printmaking and working with clay. I build teapots: some of my teapots are simple and functional. Others are detailed and sculptural. They are described as, beautiful, wacky, elegant, and whimsical. They each are unique. My printmaking is mostly reduction style block prints cut from linoleum blocks, but I also enjoy creating silk screen prints as well as etchings and dry point engravings when a press is available for me to work with.  
  My other interests include art history and women’s studies. Art history gives a view into cultures of the past and helps the artist understand the origins and futures in the art world. Art history inspires me to see my work in context. I believe that women’s studies are vital for women artisans; personally, politically and socially. The history of women and the progress of the women’s movement along with the issues women continue to face, inform my artwork and the work of my peers.
  My spiritual life leads me to study the Goddess myth which inspires my artwork. Building ceramics is spiritual; it enables me to connect with nature. Here, the four elements enter; earth in the form of clay, water  to soften it, air to dry green ware and fire to harden. Inspired by the natural world and mythology I continue to use these themes in my art.
   I graduated in December 2003 with a Bachelor of fine art degree from Humboldt State University. I have been teaching art for art centers and art museums for 7 years. I have worked with all ages of art students, ranging as young as 3 years old and as old as 83. Most of my teaching experience is with elementary and middle school age young people. I am passionate about teaching and sharing my love of the arts with others. I want to offer my students more; a good teacher is never finished learning. Teachers are the ones who've influenced my life most dramatically. I strive for a similar affect on my students.
  Lately, I teach a bit less often than I used to because my time has been taken up by my most important and most rewarding job, being mom to a beautiful and amazing toddler boy.
 I am so blessed.