Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Friday, June 6, 2014

Right now

Right now, my sweet boy has a place that he calls "home". It isn't the home that I want for him, but none of that matters. Because right now, he has a yard to play in.  He climbs on the Japanese Maple saying, "Look at me! I'm a monkey!" I smile and sigh, trying to stay in the moment.  "Mommy! Play ball with me!" He calls to me as he drags out the plastic basketball hoop, a gift I gave him for his second birthday. Right now, we play in "his" yard in front of "his" house throwing a ball, blowing bubbles, and swinging from branches. These are precious moments because so much is uncertain.
Right now, my sweet son sleeps safely in a bed that he calls his own. His downy blonde hair rests on the pillows that I fluff with care at bedtime. 
Right now, I climb into our cozy bed, in our room, to dream of better times.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My first priority

Is to my own emotional and physical health.
And the emotional and physical health of my son.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

My mom

My mom
Is good at stories 
Both fact
And fiction
She has written
Poems galore 
She has a real 
Way with words
My mom has 
Liberal political 
She voted
for the right guy
My mother is 
She has a talent 
for removing 
bandaging cuts,
And making butterfly 
My mother
Is a fan of
My artwork
She owns 
And displays 
My creations 
With care

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A backwards life

Everything is backwards. 
It breaks my heart.
My life is upside down.
I am so busy and preoccupied
With my ultimate goal
And my son looks for my attention
Getting in my face 
during important phone calls
Or while I am applying for 
A job or an apartment 
But I am trying to 
Get things done
Achieve a goal
So I put my hand in his face 
When I am on the phone
I tell him "No"
I cannot watch him
Do that trick
Or dance that dance
I am too busy
But I see the future.
I am desperate 
For my boy's attention
I want him to look at me
spend time with me
Maybe play a game of charades 
Or maybe watch a movie
But he is on the phone 
With his girlfriend 
Or a college admission office
And he is putting his hand 
up in my face
Telling me to go away
That he is to busy
And he is trying 
To accomplish something 
It will break my heart
All over again
Right now, I want 
Nothing more
Than to no longer be
Too busy 
Consumed by my goal
And to just be able to 
Not ever put my hand
In his face and tell him no
I just want to tell him 
And live right now.

Nothing is permanent

Maybe the trickiest thing 
is that I have magic 
flowing through my fingertips
yet every day
My magic is letting me down
my spells are backfiring
I recently considered 
what if...
I just stop casting?
maybe the magic 
in my spells
would finally take affect?
maybe I should just
blow out the candles
stop drawing my dreams
and just be still.
Maybe I am casting too much
and my power is getting drained
out of my fingertips
My spells are drying up
My spirit is parched
I am casting and casting 
and casting for change
for a better day
I could tell you
why it is just so hard
So hard to continue 
Trying to make a difference
so much seems permanent at the time


Anna Margaret Harris
Born on July first 
A sweet little thing 
She was soft 
With a bit of light 
Covered her body 
A soft swirl 
Of delicate hair 
On her back 
The sweetest 
Fuzz on the tips 
Of her ears 
She was covered 
In hair 
Especially soft hair 
The sweetest, softest 
She was furry 

Pilose adj
Covered with hair, especially soft hair; furry

Monday, April 28, 2014

I Imagine a home

I imagine 
A sweet little house
With just enough space
It has a cozy fireplace 
The cat basks in the warm
There is a comfy chair 
That I can knit in
And the laundry room
Will have nothing on top of the dryer 
There is a small front porch
Just big enough for a swing
And it has hanging plants
And chimes blowing in the wind
A yard just big enough
For a climbing tree
And maybe a tire swing
With a nice dog
Plenty of flowers
There is a space for 
a vegetable garden
And some magical herbs
A handy wheelbarrow 
And a mucky compost pile
A car of my own
That is good in the winter
And a garage for parking
A studio for creating 
All forms of art
My pottery wheel
And a kiln
I teach art classes
To elementary and middle school 
At a school nearby
And classes out of my studio
To all ages of young people
The neighbors are nice
We visit sometimes
Maybe barbecue occasionally 
Or roast marshmallows 
In the backyard fire pit
I have time to spend with my son
He goes to a good school
And has nice friends
My son is involved in
A physical activity
Like karate, soccer, or gymnastics
He has musical studies in his life
Piano, drums, or maybe guitar 
We trick or treat on Halloween
we have creative costumes
Creatively carved pumpkins
Sit on our porch 
We go camping from time
With dancing and chanting
In the moonlight
We live a safe stable life
And we are happy