Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Friday, June 6, 2014

Right now

Right now, my sweet boy has a place that he calls "home". It isn't the home that I want for him, but none of that matters. Because right now, he has a yard to play in.  He climbs on the Japanese Maple saying, "Look at me! I'm a monkey!" I smile and sigh, trying to stay in the moment.  "Mommy! Play ball with me!" He calls to me as he drags out the plastic basketball hoop, a gift I gave him for his second birthday. Right now, we play in "his" yard in front of "his" house throwing a ball, blowing bubbles, and swinging from branches. These are precious moments because so much is uncertain.
Right now, my sweet son sleeps safely in a bed that he calls his own. His downy blonde hair rests on the pillows that I fluff with care at bedtime. 
Right now, I climb into our cozy bed, in our room, to dream of better times.

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