Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Monday, April 28, 2014

I Imagine a home

I imagine 
A sweet little house
With just enough space
It has a cozy fireplace 
The cat basks in the warm
There is a comfy chair 
That I can knit in
And the laundry room
Will have nothing on top of the dryer 
There is a small front porch
Just big enough for a swing
And it has hanging plants
And chimes blowing in the wind
A yard just big enough
For a climbing tree
And maybe a tire swing
With a nice dog
Plenty of flowers
There is a space for 
a vegetable garden
And some magical herbs
A handy wheelbarrow 
And a mucky compost pile
A car of my own
That is good in the winter
And a garage for parking
A studio for creating 
All forms of art
My pottery wheel
And a kiln
I teach art classes
To elementary and middle school 
At a school nearby
And classes out of my studio
To all ages of young people
The neighbors are nice
We visit sometimes
Maybe barbecue occasionally 
Or roast marshmallows 
In the backyard fire pit
I have time to spend with my son
He goes to a good school
And has nice friends
My son is involved in
A physical activity
Like karate, soccer, or gymnastics
He has musical studies in his life
Piano, drums, or maybe guitar 
We trick or treat on Halloween
we have creative costumes
Creatively carved pumpkins
Sit on our porch 
We go camping from time
With dancing and chanting
In the moonlight
We live a safe stable life
And we are happy

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