Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Love of my Life

Sweetest baby born to a broken-hearted Mama, was just the balm to heal. A warm bundle of love snuggled at my breast. My tears of sorrow transformed to tears of joy.
Hearts beat together in a loving embrace. His tiny fist grasps my thumb, squeezing gently to the rhythm of his suckle. The brand new love of my life, my sweet baby boy.
Time is passing so quickly and my tiny baby is transforming before my eyes. Walking, running and stomping in puddles, there is double meaning when I yell, "Slow down!"
So bright and so sweet, my little boy amazes me every day and makes me proud. With new words everyday and new games to play.
Dumping dinosaurs on the floor saying, "Dido. Help." I am so blessed that he wants me to join in his play. I know the day that he will not want me as his playmate is not far away.
He walks in the room with his tin can drum making me laugh with his words, "Drum, loud." And yes, the sweet and funny way that he inhales the word, "Nurse." He still stops in between games for a snuggle and to suckle from my breast.
With my life filled with giggles, hugs, booboo kisses and wiping tears, I am well aware that 22 months will too soon be 2 years. Right now, these moments are the best.

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