Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Take your time

This was the message that was discussed in church today. Our society's need to slow down and do less multitasking. Take life one-step-at-a-time.
I know I need to take my time in life. Stop and smell the roses. Savor every moment with my little man and more often give him my undivided attention. Hug him as much as possible. He is so wonderful, right now.

I also need to take my time for me. A little meditation couldn't hurt. Time to reflect. As an artist, I think this is important for the creative process and just for a generally healthy spirit.
I need to take time to create. Get my pottery wheel spinning again. It has been sitting dormant for so long. Because of that, the only pottery that I do is during my weekly wheel throwing class. It's something, but it just isn't the same as having time to create just for the sake of creating. Because my spirit loves it. It feeds a fire deep inside me. Any kind of creating, pottery, print-making, drawing, painting, photography, knitting, all feed my soul in a way that nothing else can.

I have had less time to create since my son was born and I need to set aside time in my life for creating. I need to do so in a way that I am not taking time from him or multitasking. I do not want to multitask.
I want to take my time. Enjoy every moment. Be fully present when I am spending time with my joy boy. Also fully present when I am creating.
I feel that I will get the most out of life if I am able to live it that way, in a hurry, but with intent and awareness.
I feel that will connect me with the Goddess - God - Great Spirit - All the Powers that Be. That energy that is inside me ready to flow through my heart and hands in creation or simple toddler learning play time.
I know that taking my time will help me achieve my goals of self betterment. It will increase my happiness overall. Better yet, it will help me be a good roll model for my son.

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