Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Monday, June 24, 2013

What I crave most

I crave....
A place of my own. Somewhere that I can create a home for myself and my wonderful son. Space to decorate, hang curtains, maybe a crystal or two, display my art, make a mess, play and have fun.
A place for creating, drawing, painting, printmaking and my wheel. To center in more ways than one. My very own kitchen to stock with foods that I choose, cook meals for my son.
A laundry room with nothing on top of the washer or dryer and a functioning clothesline for non rainy days. An organized and efficient recycling system so I can live life as green as possible.
Yesterday, I learned about keeping composting worms  that  make homemade fertilizer for the garden of my dreams.
A safe space outside for my boy to play in the sun.
A place where I can relax and have some fun.
Affordable, quality childcare for my son. 
More work doing what I love, creating and teaching. 
Is all that too much to ask for?

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