Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

For the love of Clem Dog

Clem Dog was given to me when I was just a baby girl. I don't know how old I was, but I swear that I remember him being given to me by my Aunt Jane and Uncle Tony. I have this vision of my Uncle Tony crouching down to give him to me. I remember the soothing sound of Uncle Tony's voice as he introduced me to my new friend and the feeling of his warm hug. I also remember a small book that came attached to Clem with a story that was read to me several times by various family members. It is crazy that I have such vivid memories of receiving Clem because I was so young when he came into my life.

I'm sure that no one back then could predict that I would still own Clem at the age of 37, never mind that he would repeatedly be the subject of my artistic creations. I first used Clem as inspiration for beautiful drawing while studying art at Humboldt State University. That drawing of Clem is in a sketchbook that is currently trapped  in a box somewhere in my mother's basement. I hope to set him free some day soon and have him properly framed and displayed. 
While I was in my first college printmaking class, I learned the method of reduction style block printing, and Clem was the subject of my first of many reduction prints. In that assignment, I was required to use primary colors plus black and white. The result was a vibrant image of my dear friend, Clem.
My immortalization of Clem has touched the life of at least a few.
My sweet cousin for one, and recently, one of my prints sold from my etsy page to someone whose husband also loved a Clem dog as a child. Following is the story that I was sent about why they wanted to buy my Clem art after I inquired if they had received him safely.

Hi Jessica,

Clem sure did. My husband's favorite toy as a child was Clem.  My pug mistook it for one of his chew toys and destroyed it.  My husband was devastated.  I gave your print of Clem for his birthday today and he just loves it.  Clem is in my husband's office and it makes him smile when he sees it.  I love the colors you chose.  Clem looks like a superhero.

I had no idea that a simple image of a beloved childhood toy would be so appreciated by others. Until I saw this....

Oh the horror!!!! 

I am so happy that my dear old friend Clem is still with me to be played with by me and my adorable son William and possibly be the subject of more artistic creations to come.

Before writing this tonight, I did a search to see if I could find the little story book that he came with. I was unsuccessful, but I did find a web page with several sentimental posts from people who loved Clem as well his brother and sister, Clyde and Clara.

As it turns out, Clem Dog's spirit lives on in my art and in the hearts of many.

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  1. to the person who got him eatern stitch him back up! i got original clem here mine looks bigger hes really oldschool was my mothers in mint condition he looks more detailed?