Negus the dragon

Negus the dragon

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A strange dream that I had last night

A woman is in labor on a dirty sidewalk near a disgusting garbage can.
She stands and leans on the garbage can, the baby is coming quickly. I rub her back and tell her to breathe. Suddenly, I see the baby's head and almost immediately, I am able to catch the baby in my arms. I am wearing a pretty soft and delicate white shirt that I take off and wrap the baby with in and give it to its mother. There is a rude fat lady standing nearby smoking a cigarette and I get very angry that she would smoke so close to a newborn baby and a woman in labor. She refuses to stop and we argue loudly. The woman is a nasty bitch. 
The mother of the baby calmly comes over and tells us to stop arguing. She has something else to wrap her baby in and she gives me my shirt back. I notice that my pretty soft white shirt is stained from the baby's birth, but I don't care, I just put it back on.

Then, suddenly I am a student again and I am with one of my old college professors. (She was an Art History and a Women's Studies Professor and she was my advisor and one of my main mentors in my college education. I miss her.)
We were sitting by her computer in her office that was packed with wonderful books discussing the classes that I needed to take.  A science class which would be a challenge. A women's studies class that I was very excited about. A religious studies class that I dreaded because I hated the teacher. 
Occasionally, during our discussion about my classes, I would inquire about the newborn baby and the mom would come into the room and say that the baby was fine and taking a nap. At one point, while wearing my white shirt that was stained from birth, I came to look in at the sleeping infant. I am happy to see the baby sleeping so peacefully all wrapped in clean white blankets laying in a bassinet. 
All the while, I am also feeling stressed about all of the classes I have to enroll in for the upcoming semester. 

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